“All Around Georgia” 10 days

Dear friends, we would like to invite you on a gastronomy trip to Georgia. The ten-day tour is full of many interesting activities, thanks to which you will dive deep into the culture of this unique country, rich in traditions. You will see the most famous and most beautiful places, enjoying the breathtaking views of the pristine nature. With the support of a wine enthusiast, you will learn the peculiarities of the local wines. And finally, you will treat yourself to incredible gastronomical delicacies.

In our turn, we guarantee to make this trip maximum comfortable and unforgettable.

10 days of the soul and stomach festival!
10 days of total relax and recharge!
10 days surrounded by a proud, but a very welcoming nation!
Georgia is waiting for you!

Tbilisi – Kakheti (Alazani Valley, Signakhi, Telavi) – Mtskheta – Batumi – mountainous Adjara – Martvili Canyon – Okatsi Canyon – Svaneti – Zugdidi – Racha – Gori – Tbilisi.

What is included?
Accommodation. 3-4 star hotels, breakfast included.
Meals. 10 breakfasts in hotels, 8 lunches and 6 dinners in restaurants.
Program. Daily excursions, trekking, rafting, museums.
13 wine tasting ceremonies. Georgian wine. 5 ceremonies will take place at the private wineries.
Transport. Comfortable bus, which will always accompany us.
Group guide. There will always be a trip coordinator.
Photography. During the whole length of the trip.
Insurance. Insurance from Alpha Insurance company.


Below you can see a detailed daily program and possible discounts.

The Tour Program

The 1st Day
Gamardzhoba! We meet in the hotel lobby and go out to get acquainted with Tbilisi. The cable car will take us to the viewing point from where you can observe the city. This is the starting point of our walking excursion. We don’t have to rush, so we will take our time and walk in the narrow streets of the Old City and broad avenues of the New one. The guide will tell us about the architecture, history and famous people who made this city alive. We will see courtyards of Tbilisi and its beautifully decorated entrances. We will also visit the famous Blue Gallery, the home to the paintings of such great masters as Pirosmani, Gudiashvili etc. The end of the first day will be crowned with a delicious dinner and wine tasting ceremony that will take place in a nice restaurant of the Old City. There, with a glass of wine and in a pleasant atmosphere we will get to know each other, discuss the program and start an introductory part into the culture of a Georgian feast! After dinner – spare time.

11.00-12.00 Hotel check-in. Meeting in the hotel lobby.
13.00 Walk in the city. Cable car. Walking excursion in the city.
16.00 Excursion in the National (Blue) Gallery.
18.00 First dinner – wine tasting ceremony. Getting acquainted, discussing the tour’s program. Georgian wine tasting.
20.00 Spare time.
Attention: Breakfast and lunch on this day are not included in the cost.

The 2nd Day.
Kakheti (Tbilisi – Signakhi – The Bodre Monastery – Telavi – Tbilisi)
After having breakfast in the hotel, we take the bus and go to Kakheti, the home to ancient monasteries and wine making. The first stop on our route will be Signakhi, the city of love. Then we will visit the Bodre Monastery, the last home to the Saint Nino, the Georgian mother of the Enlightenment. We will see ancient narrow streets where houses are decorated with picturesque balconies and will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Alazani Valley. The walk will end in a special way: we will have a wine tasting and lunch in a very picturesque place. There we will taste wine made according to a unique technology in kvevri (clay container). The next stop shall be in Telavi, the city, which is known to all Mimino fans (the Soviet film). Together with the guide we will walk on its streets, listen to the history of this old city and enjoy the beautiful view of the Caucasus mountains. Then we will visit a family of Georgian wine-makers who will treat us to 5 types of kakheti wine and chacha! Going back to Tbilisi. Spare time.

8.00 Breakfast in the hotel.
9.00 Departure to Kakheti.
10.30 Signakhi. The Bodre Monastery.
14.00 Lunch and wine-tasting.
16.00 Walking excursion in Telavi.
17.00 Wine tasting – Marani Milorauli.
20.00 Arrival to Tbilisi. Spare time.

Attention: The dinner on this day is not included in the cost.

The 3rd Day.
Tbilisi – The Jvari Monastery – Mtskheta – Batumi.
We leave the hotel after the breakfast. Our adventure begins! We go to see a popular Georgian sightseeing, which is the Jvari Monastery, built in the 6th century at the top of the hill. Its stern beauty attracted the Russian poet, Mikhail Lermontov, and he made it the location point for his poem “The Novice”: (“Where merge Aragva and her twin, Kura, and fast rush onward…”).
And after that, back in the past, because we are going to Mtskheta, the first Georgian capital. It was built in the 1st century BC and it was right there where in 327 AD the Georgians became Christians. Mtskheta is still a historical and religious center of Georgia. One more lunch with wine tasting and we continue our journey towards the pearl of Georgia, the city near the Black Sea – Batumi.
After check-in in the hotel we would like to invite those who are still strong to the late dinner in Chacha Time, a legendary expat restaurant where we taste chacha and special chacha cocktails (the dinner is paid separately).

8.00 Breakfast in the hotel. Tbilisi.
9.00 Visiting the Jvari Monastery.
10.00 Mtskheta. Walking excursion.
13.00 Lunch and wine-tasting.
14.00 Departure to Batumi.
21-22.00 Batumi. Hotel check-in.
22-23.00 Separate event: late dinner and chacha tasting (5 types).

Attention: The dinner on this day is not included in the cost. It is paid separately (40 Lari).

The 4th Day.
Batumi – Botanical Garden.
On this day we don’t need to rush and will have breakfast a bit later in order to feel the rhythm of Batumi. Batumi is a sea resort, so nobody is in a hurry here. Evergreen subtropical plants, palms, tangerines, smiling southerners, linen hanging on the ropes and cats sleeping in the yards, coffee aroma that flies in the air and sea saltiness that you feel on your lips, all that is Batumi. We will find out the history of Batumi and see all the sightseeings during the walking excursion. You will have spare time to have a walk via the famous Batumi Boulevard that stretches along the sea and go up to the viewing point.
We are going to meet at 15.00 and go to the Botanical Garden. It is a huge place, which is divided into specific areas. Here you can see plants from around the world. We will take a leisurely stroll in the tree shade, enjoying the views and smells. Afterwards we will go down to the Green Mull to the beach, the place where we will meet the Black Sea.
After the pleasant walk we are going to the Fish Market of Batumi, which is famous for its restaurants, in one of which we shall dine. It will be only you who selects the fresh fish, which will be later prepared only for you in one of the restaurants. We will also make sure that you have the opportunity to taste white and sparkling Georgian wines. Bon appetite! After dinner – spare time.

8-9.00 Breakfast in the hotel.
9.30-10.00 Walking excursion in Batumi.
From 12.00 to 15.00 Spare time.
15.00 Departure to Botanical Garden.
18.00 Dinner at a fish restaurant at the seaside; tasting white and sparkling wines.

Attention: The lunch on this day is not included in the cost. We can recommend several places that you will love!

The 5th Day.
Batumi – mountainous Adjara – Batumi
Today, like yesterday, we are not rushing anywhere. “What can be better than mountains?” we ask, and the answer will be “Only mountains!”. Therefore, after having breakfast, we are going to a mountainous Adjara. What is a mountainous Adjara? It is mountains covered by subtropical greenery, lovely small villages located on the hilltops, ancient forts, mountain brooks and waterfalls, tangerine farms, ancient arch bridges and very hospitable Adjara people.
Our itinerary goes through the valleys of the Chorokhi and Adjaristskhali Rivers in Keda Region of Adjara. We will have a walk over ancient arch bridges built in the times of the Queen Tamar, will see the hydroelectric power plant constructed in the Stalinist Empire style and find out the history of its creation, will enjoy the view of the Makhuntseti waterfall and have a small picnic near the river where we are going to try a real Adjara khachapuri bread. In the end of the route we will enjoy a traditional Georgian feast! It will take place in the picturesque place among the mountains, together with the family that owns vineyards, tea and tobacco farms. And for sure, a real Georgian feast can’t do without a tamada, toast, songs and a very delicious Adjara cuisine. For those who love cooking we have organized a khachapuri bread culinary class. Gaumardzhos!
Going back to Batumi. Spare time.

8-9.00 Breakfast in the hotel
10.00 Departure to a mountainous Adjara. Waterfall. Queen Tamar’s bridge. Walk.
15.00 Georgian family feast with tamada.
20.00 Going back to Batumi. Spare time.

Attention: As on this day we have an early dinner, we will have an Adjara khachapuri picnic before lunch.

The 6th Day.
Batumi – Martvili Canyon – Megreli Monastery – Okatsi Canyon – Svaneti

We have to leave the city rather early today, at 7.30-8.00, therefore the breakfast will also be an early one. We will spend this day being surrounded by the pristine nature. But first things first! We go to Martvili Canyon, a system of waterfalls with crystal clear water, where we shall raft down the river, in the shade of ancient mountains. Afterwards we go to the Megreli monastery that was established more than 1000 years ago.
Lunch and wine tasting will take place in the center of Martvili town where we are going to try different dishes of Megreli cuisine. After the lunch we shall head for Okatsi Canyon. It isn’t just a random name, as “okatsi” means acacia in Georgian, and guess what, it’s all covered in acacia trees! This is why the air here smells like honey!
We will go down into the canyon and walk near the mountain river around 1 km. A pleasant surprise shall be waiting for us in the end of the route – a hundred meter high Kinchkha waterfall and a breathtaking view upon the valley. Then we go to Svaneti. In Mestia we will do the hotel check in, and the strong ones may have a late dinner (paid separately).

7.00 Batumi. Early breakfast in the hotel.
7.30 – 8.00 Departure.
10.00 Martvili Canyon: waterfalls and rafting (rafting does not require any professional skills).
12.00 Martvili Monastery.
13.00 Lunch & wine tasting.
16.00 Okatsi Canyon.
22.00-23.00 Late arrival to Svaneti.

Attention: late dinner shall be paid separately (30 Lari per person).

The 7th Day.
Svaneti – Mestia – Chalaadii Glacier – Mestia
Late breakfast. The whole day will be devoted to trekking. It won’t be a day spent in Svaneti if we don’t start it with a lavender coffee in a famous local coffee house, having afterwards a leisurely stroll in a house museum (a real Svan house with one thousand year history) dedicated to Michail Khergiani, a worldwide known mountain climber and 7-time the USSR champion, who was also known as a Mountain Tiger.
We shall trek near Svan towers, old settlements, in the valley surrounded by mountains, along the river, on the hanging bridges, among incredibly tall pine trees and in Alpine meadows. And all this with a scope to reach the Chalaadii Glacier. We will come to its bottom and marvel at its beauty.
On this day, instead of a traditional lunch we will have a picnic on an Alpine meadow.
We will be back in Mestia around 18.00. Thus you will have spare time to walk and relax as you wish. We can organize a dinner for the group in one of the city’s restaurants. The dinner is paid separately.

8-9.00 Breakfast in the hotel.
10.00 House museum of Mikhail Khergiani.
11.00 Coffee house.
11.30 Mountain trekking & picnic (special skills not needed, only comfortable shoes).
18.00 Arrival to Mestia.

Attention: The dinner is not included in this day’s program (it can be paid separately, 30 Lari per person). You will need good comfortable shoes for trekking.

The 8th Day.
Svaneti – Inguri hydroelectric power plant – Zugdidi – The cave of Prometheus – Racha (Ambrolauri)
Today we need to wake up earlier in order to do everything that we’ve planned! After having breakfast we say good-bye to a traditional Svaneti and head for Racha. It isn’t just another mountainous region of Georgia, it’s also a place where wonderful wines are born. The road will be long, but pleasant.
Our first stop is the Inguri hydroelectric power plant, the largest plant in the Caucasus. It is a powerful and massive construction built in the Soviet times, its size leaves you speechless. We will be able to enter the territory of the power plant and take incredible photos. Our second stop shall be Zugdidi town where we will see the Dadiani Palace, a residence of Megreli rulers. We shall stroll in the corridors and halls of the museum and relax in the shade of the park’s ancient trees. We will have lunch and taste wine in the best restaurant of the town.
We continue our pleasant trip after the lunch and go to the third destination, which is the cave of Prometheus (solutional cave). Our excursion will be an underground one and will include rafting down the underground river.
The last leg of our route goes through the mountain pass, the height of which exceeds 1400 m. Really, it is a marvelous place. If we make it till the sunset, we will stop at the viewing point to look at the valley and an incredibly beautiful mountain lake.
Guest house check-in in Ambrolauri town. Late dinner & wine tasting.

7- 8.00 Breakfast.
8.00 Departure towards Racha. Inguri hydroelectric power plant.
13.00 Zugdidi. Dadiani Palace.
14.00 Lunch & wine tasting.
17.00 The cave of Prometheus. Excursion.
18.00 1400 m. high mountain pass, ghost city and a beautiful mountain lake in the Alpine zone.
21.00 -22.00 Guest house check-in.
23.00 Late dinner & wine tasting.

The 9th Day.
Racha – Ambrolauri
Today we can indulge a bit and get up later than usual. Our guest house is located in a very picturesque place at the hillside covered with vineyards. It is a huge green territory with hammocks, sun chairs and summer houses, which allow you to relax and enjoy a harmonious time together with yourself and nature.
Afterwards, a family of a local wine maker will invite us to a lunch and wine tasting ceremony. We are going to try several types of half-sweet red and white wines enjoying them with traditional Racha cheeses and other local delicacies.
You could have heard about Khvanchkhara, a famous sort of wine… So, we are going to a winery where it is made! Professional wine technologists will show us the winery and explain the wine making process, in the end tasting the wine with us.
The dinner will take place in the family of an award-winning wine maker. The wine tasting ceremony shall also include a sparkling traditional wine, a real rarity in Georgia.
Going back to the guest house.

8-9.00 Breakfast in the hotel.
9.00-12.00 Spare time, an opportunity to relax in the quietness of Ambrolauri mountain vineyards.
13.00 Tasting sweet wines and snacks.
15.00 Visiting a famous Khvanchkhara winery and wine tasting.
18.00 Dinner & wine tasting in the family of an award-winning wine maker.

The 10th Day.
Racha – Bagdati – Gori – Tbilisi
After having breakfast we say good-bye to our nice hosts and hit the road. Today we will see a house museum of Vladimir Mayakovskii, a Soviet poet who was born in Bagdati. Though Mayakovskii was Russian, he was born and raised in Georgia. Then we go to Gori, the city where Joseph Stalin was born and raised. After lunch we will go to a house museum of Joseph Stalin where we shall also see an armoured train carriage that was built in the times of Tsarist Russia, later being remade for the personal usage of the Soviet leader. It was this train, which he used to visit the meetings in Yalta and Tehran.
After Gori we go back to Tbilisi and check in the hotel. There we shall rest for several hours.
In the evening we meet again for the final dinner in the luxurious place with a view upon the night city. There, drinking wonderful wine and listening to nice music, we shall enjoy the memories of our trip.
Going back to the hotel.

8.00 Breakfast in the hotel.
9.00 Departure towards Tbilisi.
11.00 House museum of Vladimir Mayakovskii, Bagdati town.
12.00 Lunch.
16.00 House museum of Joseph Stalin, Gori town.
19.00 Arrival to Tbilisi and hotel check-in.
20.00 Farewell dinner and wine tasting in the restaurant.

The 11th Day.

Breakfast in the hotel.
11.00 Hotel check-out. Those who are leaving in the evening and would like to have a stroll in the city, can leave the suitcases at the hotel reception. We can recommend a nice wine boutique where you can purchase the wines that we’ve tried during the tour and taste new ones.
Here we are saying good-bye to you, hoping for the positive reviews.

8.00 Breakfast in the hotel.
11.00 Hotel check-out.
12.00 Visiting wine boutique (for those wishing to visit it).


The group consists from 8 to 14 people.
The prepayment is 50% (800 USD) off the tour’s cost. If you cancel the tour more than 14 days in advance, the prepayment is returned in full. If you cancel the tour within the 5-14 day period, 50% (400 USD) of the prepayment is returned. If you cancel it less than 5 days in advance, the prepayment is NOT RETURNED.
If 2 weeks before the tour there is no minimum number of the participants, the tour shall be cancelled.
We provide assistance in purchasing air tickets.
We would like to ask the participants not to buy air tickets earlier than 2 weeks before the tour. The moment we have a minimum number of participants we shall let you know immediately.

Detailed description. The tour cost includes:

  • 10 days & 10 nights accommodation (4 star hotels, guest house in Racha)
  • Transfer in Georgia on a tour route (a/c bus)
  • Insurance Russian speaking guide
  • Meals: 10 breakfasts 8 lunches 6 dinners
  • 14 wine-tasting ceremonies (13 are included and 1 shall be paid separately)

Cost of all field trips: excursions, museum tickets, trekking, cable car in Tbilisi (those that are mentioned in the tour program).

  • Drinking water
  • Snacks during long bus trips
  • Photography during the tour period

The tour cost does NOT include:

  • Air travel
  • Medical expenses not covered by the insurance
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Accommodation before and after the date the tour starts
  • Some meals during the tour (can be paid separately by those who express a wish)
  • 1 out of 14 mentioned wine-tasting ceremoniesPersonal expenses

The Tour Program:
10 nights and 10 days.
Twin-bed accommodation.
14 wine tasting ceremonies. Tour guide.
Trekking, rafting, museum visits, sightseeings, ancient cultural heritage, mountainous and wine regions, waterfalls, caves, large cities and pristine nature. Photography is provided during the whole length of the trip.
We provide assistance in purchasing air tickets.
We provide assistance in booking hotels for those who arrived earlier or decided to stay several days more after the tour is finished.
We provide transfer from and to the airport (paid separately). Single-bed accommodation is offered with additional payment. The tour program may vary slightly, without affecting the total number of provided services.

Отель в Тбилиси, 2 ночи, находится в 20 минутах от центра
Отель в Тбилиси, 2 ночи, находится в 20 минутах от центра
Отель в Тбилиси, 2 ночи, находится в 20 минутах от центра
Батуми 3 ночи, в центре города
Батуми 3 ночи, в центре города
Батуми 3 ночи, в центре города
Сванети 2 ночи, в центре города
Сванети 2 ночи, в центре города
Сванети 2 ночи, в центре города

Рача 2 ночи Гест-Хаус среди виноградников на склоне горы, с видом на город.

Размещение по 2 человека в комнате. Санузел один на 2 комнаты.

Рача 2 ночи Гест-Хаус среди виноградников на склоне горы, с видом на город.

Размещение по 2 человека в комнате. Санузел один на 2 комнаты.

Рача 2 ночи Гест-Хаус среди виноградников на склоне горы, с видом на город.

Размещение по 2 человека в комнате. Санузел один на 2 комнаты.

Тбилиси, последняя ночь
Тбилиси, последняя ночь
Тбилиси, последняя ночь
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